Explore Original Medicare: Learn About Coverage, Costs, and Eligibility

Original Medicare also to be known as Traditional Medicare usually consists of Medicare part A and Medicare part B, It is designed to cover the basics of your health care which includes hospitals, outpatient doctor visits, tests, and preventive care.

Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B). Original Medicare is funded by the federal government.

Basically, Medicare is the health insurance plan for every single US citizen to get maximum in their old age or for handicapped disabled people from the US govt. These rights are given to US citizens from the constitution of the US.

Medicare Part A

(Hospital Insurance)

Medicare part A (hospital insurance) includes paying for services like inpatient care in a hospital or partial time at a skilled nursing facility (following a hospital stay). Part A also pays for some home health care and hospice care

Medicare Part B
(Medical Insurance)

Medicare part B (medical insurance) includes paying for services from doctors and other health care needs which includes outpatient care, home health care, durable medical equipment, and other preventive services.

Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage

If anyone of you thinks for to go with Original Medicare, which consists of Medicare parts A and B? Or should you need to go for a Medicare Advantage plan, also referred to as Medicare part C? For this, your personal budget and your coverage needs are all factors. It’s important to know the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage when you compare plans to check what works best for you.

Medicare Part A Covers

  • Hospital stays (semi-private rooms) up to 60 days
  • Hospital meals
  • Nursing services
  • Intensive care services
  • Drugs, medical supplies and equipment used on the premises
  • Lab tests and X-rays taken while hospitalized
  • Surgery and recovery costs
  • Rehabilitation and therapy services
  • Part-time home nursing care

Medicare Part B Covers

  • Doctor visits
  • Vaccinations and flu shots
  • Health screenings and medical test
  • Medical supplies
  • Ambulance services
  • Smoking cessation and other preventive healthcare programs

Eligibility of Original Medicare

To be 100% eligible for premium-free part A and part B, an individual (US citizen) needs to be entitled to receive Medicare based on their earnings or for their spouse, parent, or child. To receive premium-free Medicare part A, the individual should have a specified variety of quarters of coverage (QCs) and apply for social security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits.

The Costs of Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare
If you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes then you’ll possibly receive part A premium-free with Original Medicare. Part B with Original Medicare contains a premium and a deductible. Both of your part B costs are based on your lifetime earnings, thus low-income beneficiaries might pay less for part B.

Medicare Advantage
The cost of Medicare Advantage plans varies depending on states law and rules. Some plans have $0 premiums. On average, your monthly premiums are sometimes below what you pay for Medicare part B with Original Medicare.

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Replace Original Medicare?

Original Medicare plans replace Medicare Advantage plans and they will offer further health coverage depending on the plan which citizens select.

When looking at the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, keep in mind that Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurers like Anthem, Humana, United Health Care, and others. They include everything that part A and part B cover, and offer many different benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Consider a Medicare Advantage plan as comprehensive coverage for your healthcare needs.
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