Walk in Tub is a Solution and Ease to Give Comfort to Senior Citizens

The walk-in tub is the category of home improvement. Make your bathing easier, more comfortable, and more relaxing. The home improvement firm Quote Shouts will assist you with all of your bathing accessibility wants by exchanging your existing bathtub with a walk-in tub, bringing you the safest and most convenient bath environment possible.

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If you are trying to find a bathtub that has easy accessibility, whirlpool jets, a heated backseat, a hand shower and so much more, then in these requirements walk-in tub may be the best investment.

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Walk in Tub Shower Combo

During the bath, Multiple ease of experience

The Walk-in tub and shower combo give additional comfort to the senior citizens by giving them more comfort and ease. It mixes the safety and comfort of walk-in baths with the convenience of showers while optimizing your bathroom area. They provide better flexibility for your family, especially for households with seniors or people with varying levels of wants.

Walk in Tub Features


Dual Drain Technology features in walk-in tub draining and then as a result of a bather can’t exit till all of the drained. Adding a second drain decreases wait time and adds to the experience of the tub.


It’s an outward swinging-formed aluminum frame door and it’s for seniors and older people with body movement problems. Due to its shape and also the way it swings outward, the door clears a 21-inch toilet and creates an easy transition from a wheelchair to a smooth acrylic seat.


Microbubble therapy is a calming experience that provides several additional benefits and calming experiences to senior citizens and older people during their bathing experience and gives the maximum comfort level.


The auto purge is the feature in the walk-in tub that operate performs everything from purging flow lines with mobile phases to equilibrating the instrument automatically


The outward swing doors are crafted from industrial white PVC composite with an elegant tempered glass panel that enhances the polished, white acrylic end of the bathtub


Hydro massages are normally fitted in bathing tubs, meant to reward oneself with a full body massage. Because of its hydrotherapeutic action, hydro massage tubs can relax all muscles and release stress and tension.


The heated backseat keeps your neck and back to release the stress of the day. Use the control panel to change between 3 levels of warmth


A foot massage in walk-in tubs involves a variety of techniques, it’s purpose is to decrease pain, relieve tension and improve circulation.


The Air Massage relaxes the muscles, while at the same time stimulating the assembly of endorphins In the body. Millions of small heat bubbles area unit discharged to produce a soft tissue massage that aids in the relief of pain soothes the body, aids in muscle relaxation, strengthens the system, and Improves oxygen flow through the body


Relax in your walk-in tub along with your favorite beverage, book, or magazine with an ideal place to set them. The patented 360-degree tray is removable and placed perfectly on the bathtub to swing in and is intent on creating access simple and convenient which leads to getting a maximum comfort level.

Walk in tub insurance quotes

The benefit of Walk in Tubs for Senior Citizens

  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Boosts the worth of your home
  • Ample space for those that need a bit additional
  • Hydrotherapy advantages
  • Often fits into your existing tub area
  • Don’t need to sacrifice your shower
  • Better hygiene for those with mobility challenges
  • Potentially lower hospital bills

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