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Car insurance in Florida

Car insurance in Florida is more accessible now. Enter your Zip code & start Quoting for the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida & GET COVERED!

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Why Auto Insurance is important for Floridians?

Although, Florida is a no-fault state, but still an injured party could sue you for damage if they’re extensive or cost you beyond what your minimum auto insurance coverage. Car Insurance in Florida protects you during an accident. If unfortunately the other victim of accident is injured or killed because of your negligence then a car insurance coverage is important for you to cover the damage.
You can expect to pay $754 on average per year if you buy the minimum legal coverage in Florida which is less expensive by 40% than the national average.

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Grab the cheapest car insurance rates from top providers in Florida

The following insurance providers offer the cheapest rates in different scenarios below:

USAA — cheapest overall

USAA’s charge $85 per month which is much lower than Florida’s average rate of $202 charges per month.

State Farm — cheapest after DUI and at-fault accident

According to our research, state farm has the cheapest rates following an at-fault accident or DUI which is $2,095 and $1,951 per year on average respectively.

GEICO — cheapest for young drivers

It’s exorbitantly expensive to insure teen driver between age of 16 and 19. Geico is the cheapest provider which is $432 a month or $5,175 per year.

Company Name
Avg. Annual Premium
State Farm
21st Century

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Car Insurance in Florida

Car insurance in Florida is more accessible now. Enter your Zip code & start Quoting for the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida & GET COVERED!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still confused? Let’s explore the most frequently asked questions about Auto Insurance in Florida

The average cost for minimum liability car insurance in Florida is $173 per month or $2072 per year. Geico provides the cheapest car insurance coverage in Florida.

According to Bankrate’s car insurance rates, Florida is one of the most expensive states in terms of auto insurance. In sunshine state, drivers pay an average of $2364 per year for a full coverage.

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance states that means the claim process is enough after a car accident, if you pay your own medical bills and economic losses.

According to Florida law, you need coverage under vehicle owner’s insurance if you have a car accident while driving someone else vehicle. Personal auto insurance prefer car first and driver second under state statutes.

Comprehensive coverage is normally required for those who are looking to lease or finance a car. However, Florida law doesn’t require it. Lenders demand full coverage before they process your loan.